Home | Coroplast Signs | Products/Store | About Us | Contact Us | Our Samples | Custom Orders | Install / Remove Orders All Material copyrighted 2012 Sav-On Signs. DBA Prassas & Associates, LLC Sav-On Signs was created to bring competition to the Real Estate Sign Industry in Tucson. We pledge to give inexpensive, quality and prompt work for signs and installations. Our Motto is not to be under sold and/or find better service in Metro Tucson and surrounding areas.sit Click Here for General Installation Information and Zip Code Boundry Map. Welcome to Sav-On Signs USA We Specialize in Real Estate Signs and Installation! Web Design Plexus Digital Design To place an order, ask for information or Service: E-mail sales@savonsignsusa.com or call Phone : 520 408-9919 Fax : 520 408-0519 Main Office: 2664 N. 1st Ave Tucson, Az 85719
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